We specialize in SEO because it is, by far, the best advertising value on the Internet.  How much better is SEO?  Take a look at these typical "visitor acquisition costs" below:

Successful SEO campaign

$    .05 per visitor

Successful Search Engine Ad Campaign

$    .40 per visitor

Successful Banner Ad campaign

$  1.00 per visitor

Unsuccessful SEO campaign

$  1.00 per visitor

Unsuccessful Banner Ad campaign

$  5.00 per visitor

Unsuccessful Search Engine Ad campaign

$  7.00 per visitor

When you also consider that many people click a Banner Ad impulsively or that some Search Engine Ads try to mislead visitors to irrelevant sites the actual conversion rates of "visitor" to "buyer" are further diminished.  The "visitors" from an SEO Campaign are generally highly qualified and looking to buy.  If we don't think your business will benefit we will tell you so.

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