News -Do Pay Per Click Search Engine Ads Work?

Towards the end of 2001 many Search Engines began to introduce advertising space on their search results. Specifically an advertiser can bid a price they are prepared to pay per customer click on their Ad. The unique service you receive for your money is the presentation of your Ad when a user searches on your chosen "keyword". You may have seen these ads colorfully presented at the top of search results.

The hot question of late has been: do these ads work and if so at what cost? The answer is still not all that clear. Generally it could be a worthwhile part of a web campaign if the keyword is not highly sought after, if it is highly sought after then most companies report an expensive lesson. Overall it really seems that advertisers do not get great value from these ads. Why is this?

The average surfer is suspicious of these ads because they are not "pure" results. Also the ads are often poorly targeted so don't offer what the surfer is really looking for. Sometimes the surfer gets additionally stung by being served up a whole lot of irrelevant pop-up ads for casinos etc. The lesson most surfers take away is that it can be inconvenient to click on one of these ads.

Unfortunately the system is also open to abuse by your competitors; say you agree to pay the Search Engine $5.00 per visitor directed to your site. Do you think that any of your competitors may arrange for their staff, family, friends or unscrupulous companies to click on your ad repeatedly at a cost of $5.00 each time to you?

Surfers mostly see the ads as misleading or high-pressure sales tactics. They see the "pure" results as a helpful and unbiased sign post to the best suppliers. We get you ranked highly in the "pure" results. Contact us now.







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