What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method of greatly increasing the chance that your web site will be viewed by potential customers.  The methodology's success is based upon the long proven fact that most websites are discovered by customers using Search Engines (such as Google) and Directories (such as Yahoo!)

If a potential client types a request into a Search Engine or Directory they are often presented with thousands of results.  If your website ranks highly in search results you have an excellent chance that many potential clients will visit your site.  We aim to get your site ranked highly.  A further beauty of this method of marketing is that the potential customers are highly qualified, that is, they searched specifically for your site or something you offer; all you must do is convert the "traffic" to sales.

You may think that because you do not sell products/services on the Internet SEO will not be of benefit to you; think again.  Many potential customers now research you via the Internet to quickly gain an impression of your business before contacting you to do business in a more traditional setting.  If, for example, that client has heard your name but can not quickly find your site via a Search Engine they may conclude that you are too small or unprofessional to bother with.  This may be despite the fact that you have an impressive web site; a harsh lesson from the last few years is that the "build and they will come" mentality was too simplistic.

There are generally many untapped and eager buyers out there -you just have to help them find your site.  If that involves you taking an almost unfair advantage over your competitors via a newer marketing tool, well…

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